Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in 2010!

Gosh I can't believe another year has gone by so quickly. This was a great year that I will never forget after achieving weight loss goals and competing for the first time. Here's a new picture I received from one of the photographers on site doing a mini-photo shoot backstage at the Bluegrass Muscle. Everyone was really supportive and I want to thank my blog followers for all your comments and encouragement. I hope you all continue to follow as I plan to compete in two shows this year. My goal is to grow, grow, grow! I want bigger muscle. During this holiday season I have put on eight unhealthy fatty pounds and have to turn those pounds back into good muscle weight and lose about an inch off my waist. Hopefully a good month of heavy lifting and good cardio will do the job. By the end of January I should feel healthier. No more emotional eating or eating in the spirit of all the holiday hustle and bustle.
I rang in the New Year dancing all night, after a hard leg workout Wednesday, I am seriously sore. It's difficult to sit and stand but I've taken some ibuprofen and glutamine. I may soak in a bath of Epsom salt to help too. I need some relief.
It was good to post again. Happy New Year!


Krissa said...

I LOVE that pic. You really looked amazing for that comp.

8 pounds? Thats nothing. I probably gained 15. However, I dont even get on the scale out of fear!!!!

erin said...

You look awesome in that picture. I can't wait to look like you. LOL. And I am so happy I can leave comments again! It was broken for a while for me?

Dana said...

Thanks so much. I love getting comments! I'm glad I fixed it don't know what happened. I hope the two of you are progressing and meeting your goals. I've been slack this holiday season but the new year is here and I'm ready to roll again. Started creatine loading phase this week.

Julie said...

I just came across your blog for the first time today, and I've spent all morning at work reading it. I just now finished. I started from the very beginning. I loved it! You really transformed yourself, and I find it very motivating. Please continue to post. Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog! I am competing in my first competition April 23, 2010. I have read your blog from beginning to end tonight and feel much more relaxed after doing so! You looked awesome!! Way to go! I can only hope that I look as good as you on my comp day! I look forward to following your blog! I wish you continued success this coming year! I also am blogging about my first competition experience. I started it at 130 days out (in the middle of the Christmas holiday!!)! It's called My Journey to Becoming a Figure Competitor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,
all your training and dedication have certainly paid off. You look toned, tanned and have a gorgeous figure tailor-made for a bikini. All the best with your competitions and training.



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