Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Pledge to Menu Plan

I have been bored most of the day but that's a good thing. Mother nature dumped snow on us over night and most of today but it's really pretty. The problem with all the snow is that as it collects on the power lines, they become weighted and eventually snap. Luckily, we have electricity but a few neighbors down don't. However, we don't have water. I don't know which is worse. What do you think: Would you rather have water supply or electricity? I think having electricity is more beneficial. We have light to see, heat, the food can be kept cold in the fridge, we can still cook. We made a quick trip to the store for water jugs and are making due with that. I feel icky since I've only had a bird bath and can't wash my hair.

I didn't work today so I took advantage of the time and got some things accomplished. We are horrible with our spending and rarely keep track so I have devised a plan and budget to put into place. I hope we can both stick to it. It's pretty simple and only takes minor adjustments so I think we'll be able to make it habit. So as I attempt to get our finances on track I have decided to try menu planning in hopes that it helps to save us a little money. My typical visit to the store costs us more than what it should mainly because I am unprepared, in planning meals that is. I always have a list but get more food than we need for an entire week. I like shopping so much I continue to make weekly visits regardless of whether or not we really need to stock up. So this is my pledge to menu plan and stop going overboard with unnecessary food items. I have found a few good sites that help with menu planning or meal plans you can purchase at an affordable price.

The founders of this site offer regular meal plans, low fat, low carb meal plans, plans for a family, someone single and a household of two for just $5 a month. Includes shopping list and prices to help you stay within budget.

This weight loss site has lots of awesome stuff and set up free meal plans based on your health goals for free. Includes grocery list.

My meal plan for the week:
Mini-Turkey meatloaf with carrots and green beans
Turkey breast cutlet with sweet potato
Spaghetti and meatballs with spaghetti squash pasta
Old Bay Shrimp with pasta salad and steamed veggies
Chicken stir-fry with brown rice

All these things I already have here and I will not have to make a visit to the grocery store. Woohoo! I'm saving money already! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help for the Moody Blues

Does anyone know what foods or supplements are helpful mood boosters. I have felt so lazy, unmotivated and just down right blah these past few weeks. I never have liked this time of year with the cold, gloomy weather that comes with it. I'm a beach girl and you can't get that here in Kentucky. Any suggestions? I've gained five pounds this past month and keep eating things that are crappy. I have good days and really bad days because some days food just doesn't satisfy me. Has anyone else experienced this?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Share Your Christmas Traditions

The hubbie and I spent Saturday night putting up the Christmas tree. After a broken piece of fine china, a short spat, and some furniture rearranging we finally managed to end up with a beautiful tree.

Here is Matthew giving some love to our two chihuahuas, Rylie and Harley.
Holding a bag of pinecones (bringing a little bit of naure indoors).

Decorating the Tree! (My exercise bike behind him).

Me, hanging Christmas balls.

Our bright and cheery Christmas tree!

We decided this year to have Twelve Days of Christmas gifts. Very small, inexpensive gifts under $5 that would fit in our stockings we hung on the floating shelf this year. Our Twelve Days of Christmas will give us an opportunity to learn how much we know about each other and to give each other a few minutes of our thoughts during such busy times in our lives. Just some time to refocus after five years of marriage on what is important. It's easy to get caught up in life and forget those you love. What will you do for your special ones this Christmas? What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

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