Friday, January 29, 2010

Wordpress or Not?

I've signed up to have my blog imported to Wordpress.  I thought I'd play around with it to see which I liked better but I won't be deleting this one for a while.  I may actually keep both up so blogger's can find me in both places.  Change is good sometimes and I was just curious about Wordpress.  I've visited a few other Wordpress blogs and like the appearance.  I'll let you know my likes and dislikes while I'm exploring Wordpress.  Which one do you prefer?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's your favorite supplement or supplement company?

I love reading about different supplements and learning what works. Right now I'm in a gaining phase and trying for muscle growth. I'm trying some new supplements from Gaspari Nutrition, a company moving up in the bodybuilding world and I love their newest member of Team Gaspari, Ava Cowan...SHE ROCKS! SuperPump is a preworkout drink to help boost energy and has all kinds of goodies in it for muscle group. I use grape flavor and it's good. This is my first day on it and should feel the full effects in three days. This may become my favorite but I love Scivation's Xtend powder. Name your favorite!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Frugal on Figure Competition-Dollars and Sense

I was scanning through some of my favorite blogs the other night, since I hadn't done so in a while, and read a post from Kristin's blog that I could completely relate to.

The question to compete or not in two or three shows this year? It is exciting to set goals and achieve a figure girl physique. the goals help me train hard and keeps me focused on reaching my goals but the sport can be pretty expensive.

Kristin decided to eliminate competing in what would be her first show this year in May due to financial reasons and time constraints based on education. I feel her dilemma because I am experiencing both as well.

My first show would be in August, my second in October and the third in November. When I think about each one I can't help but cringe thinking about the cost. Costs related to figure competing include registration for each show, keeping organization card up to date (my NPC card cost $85), supplements depending on the brand can be very expensive. I spent at least $50 a week. A suit (I would probably use the same one I have now for all three shows). It cost $270 and shoes were $80. Pedicure/manicure, highlights and cut, make-up application, and tanning cost nearly $300. All this for one show. The next time I compete I could definitely do without several of these but since this was my first show I wanted to avoid stress and worry so I made it as easy on myself as possible. I was quite pampered as I prepared for this competition. The next time I compete I am going to focus more on cutting costs and will probably not use as many supplements since they can easily add up. It probably won't hurt since I already have some muscle built up from training all last year. You can't see them now because they are covered with a little extra fat. I'm not worried though, my weight is holding steady and I'm trying to bulk up a little anyway.

So not only is money a factor in deciding when to compete again and how many shows but I am also attending college and expect this year to be very busy as I finish up my degree. Time may not permit me to compete in all three shows because I am attending full time, 15 college hours. I expect to have a heavy course load of assignments and projects.

Where do I stand right now?
I would probably push off competing until October and not compete in August. I wanted some more time to bulk and build muscle also. A few extra months will give me an advantage to train hard and put on size. I want more muscle!!

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts and wanted to give you the heads up to think about where you can cut costs while preparing to compete.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in 2010!

Gosh I can't believe another year has gone by so quickly. This was a great year that I will never forget after achieving weight loss goals and competing for the first time. Here's a new picture I received from one of the photographers on site doing a mini-photo shoot backstage at the Bluegrass Muscle. Everyone was really supportive and I want to thank my blog followers for all your comments and encouragement. I hope you all continue to follow as I plan to compete in two shows this year. My goal is to grow, grow, grow! I want bigger muscle. During this holiday season I have put on eight unhealthy fatty pounds and have to turn those pounds back into good muscle weight and lose about an inch off my waist. Hopefully a good month of heavy lifting and good cardio will do the job. By the end of January I should feel healthier. No more emotional eating or eating in the spirit of all the holiday hustle and bustle.
I rang in the New Year dancing all night, after a hard leg workout Wednesday, I am seriously sore. It's difficult to sit and stand but I've taken some ibuprofen and glutamine. I may soak in a bath of Epsom salt to help too. I need some relief.
It was good to post again. Happy New Year!

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