Monday, November 30, 2009

My Weekly Goals

OMG! Talk about piggin out this Thanksgiving. My husband and I headed to Nashville to visit my sister and her husband. We had an awesome time. Ate turkey and sweet potato. Yuuummmm! Went shopping Black Friday...first time ever. It wasn't too bad at Opry Mills mall. There were wall to wall people but the flow kept going. Didn't wait too long in lines. Friday night went to Cinco's for some chicken enchiladas and later went to Zanies comedy club. We had a blast and a few margaritas on the rocs!

I'm back at home now, on this quiet Monday night. Started my day with some cardio: 30 minutes on recumbent bike and headed off to my last day of class for the semester. Hell Ya! A month long break to work on new training goals.

  1. Specialize v-taper and calves twice a week.
  2. Rep range 1-5 this week. I have never worked out in this range. Tried it today 3 sets of 4-5 back exercises. If not sore tomorrow increase to 4 or 5 sets.
  3. Cardio, cardio, cardio.
  4. Track carbohydrate intake daily. Still trying to adjust where I need to be. My cardio has been sporadic and diet not so good.
  5. Control those cravings...think before eating.
Me and Sister preparing the Thanks giving Feast!

Keithy all bundled up!

My plate of wholesome goodness!

My Happy Hubby!

Hangin at Zanies!

Late night Ho Down!

Tonights dinner...Quick Chili to get the chill out! It was gooood. I added a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese for creaminess.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nutrition and Training Plan

I like options! There are so many resources available to help with dieting and training. This week I have come across some really good ones. Remember back when I first started this blog and I wrote about ordering a posing video from Julie Lohre, who lives here in KY, which helped me with quarter turns and technique? I met Mrs. Lohre at the competition and she was very nice and down to earth. She is so cute too! Taller than I expected. As I've been figuring out what works for me in off season dieting, trying to balance macros and searching the Internet for tips, clues and options, I thought of Julie and visited her site. It's funny how things work, when you need things the most, they always fall into place. I still feel a little overwhelmed sometimes trying to find an off season diet with a variety of foods that will work for me. I am told it becomes easier as time moves on. I love food so variety is important to me but maintaining my weight is important too. I feel like I've gained an inch around my waist already but that's where I store my fat. Anyway, I might have to adjust my foods a little and eat fewer carbs on certain days-a carb cycle diet might work best. I"ll figure it out. So, I was on Julie's website and she was running a good deal on a nutrition and training plan so I ordered it. Early Christmas present! I hope it's something I can use and learn by. This lady knows what she's doing. She's a pro and what works for her might work for me too! If I could look like her I'd be living a dream. Here's the link:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Breakfast

It's good to be back. I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. Been tied down to school work (busy work, really). The semesters almost over and I'm looking forward to Christmas break. I made a goal to get back in the gym this week. I woke up at 6:30 and ran 2 miles, about 30 minutes of good cardio. I dread doing it but love how I feel when I'm finished. It's puts some pep in my step and I feel energized all day long.

Since post-comp, I've been trying all kinds of recipes and experimenting with food. The other day I made two loafs of zucchini bread but I didn't have enough Splenda to make it sweet enough. It ended up kinda bitter but if I spread a little healthy butter on it and throw it on the skillet, it's not so bad. This morning's breakfast was a success though. I had Low fat Ricotta Cheese Pancakes with blueberries. My camera battery went dead so I couldn't take a picture of mine. I added some small chicken tenderloins on the side for added protein. They tasted really good but they didn't cook up very well. I think it was too much ricotta, not sure. I can screw up the easiest recipe. Ha!

Later, I'll head back to the gym to weight train. I have been looking for new workouts, your suggestions would be great. I'm bored doing the same routine, hmmmm. How to switch it up? Probably do some legs or back today.

Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got My Vitatops!

I was at work the day I was expecting them. Lo and behold the delivery driver making stops at businesses near the restaurant, also makes stops in my neighborhood. Yes, I know my UPS man very well. I ran outside to catch him just before leaving the parking lot and asked if he had a package for me. He said, "Yup, I thought I saw one in there for you. Let me go check. Then he handed me my Vitatop order." WooHoo!

I didn't open them immediately, work got too busy, had customers to take care of. But as soon as it died down, I went for them. I couldn't believe how many were in my sampler box and all the different varieties. I love muffins and used to get one for breakfast every morning, blueberry or apple bran with a jumbo unsweet tea. So, it was treat to find these on Eat Oxygen and Hungry girl. I am really glad I know I can have my cake (or Vitatop) and eat it too! LOL! I crave sweets all the time since post competition dieting. I can make healthier choices by going low fat and all natural ingredients thanks to Vitalicious (and not feel guilty). What a load off!

Here's my sampler:
4 Low Fat VitaBrownies
2 Low Fat Chocolate Fig VitaTops
2 Low Fat Banana Nut VitaTops
2 Low Fat Double Chocolate Dream VitaTops
2 Low Fat Deep Chocolate VitaTops
2 Low Fat Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTops
2 Low Fat Golden Corn VitaTops
2 Low Fat CranBran VitaTops
2 Low Fat AppleBerry VitaTops
2 Low Fat MultiBran VitaTops
2 Low Fat BlueBran VitaTops

I had a Double Chocolate Dream with decaf coffee while relaxing for a few minutes at work yesterday. Today, I enjoyed a Banana Nut with butterscotch greek yogurt. DELISH!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food: Friend or Foe

I am slowly getting back on track with eating healthier and making better food choices. Gosh, I indulged in so much sweet and white foods I've been experiencing sugar comas. Not good. My energy level is not what is was before I was eating tons of protein and veggies. I now realize how certain foods affect my mind and body. I really never paid attention to it before but I did without any variety of foods for so long. Since eating whatever I want I can tell a difference in how I feel. When I eat white foods, like bread or pasta, I get sluggish almost immediately afterwards. My eyelids literally shut themselves. Oh, and dairy has really done a number on my stomach and digestive system. I completely eliminated all dairy from my diet for my twelve weeks of precontest dieting. I regret doing so. We should never eliminate things our bodies need. I didn't have a glass of milk, bite of cheese, cup of yogurt and now I'm suffering from symptoms of irritable bowel. I would not recommend doing away with dairy completely. Drink a small glass of milk daily, eat a small piece of cheese or a little yogurt. Dairy helps good bacteria thrive in our intestines. After returning to normal eating and adding dairy back in my stomach isn't used to digesting these foods. After a while the digestive system stops producing lactase, which breaks down dairy. I did without for so long I think my body quit making it. After reading about my symptoms on the Internet, I spoke with a pharmacist who recommended adding Acidophilus to my diet to help build up the probiotic bacterias in my stomach needed to balance a healthy digestive tract. I've only been taking it for two days but I hope I see some relief in my discomfort. I've been bloated for weeks and my heartburn, which I had under control, is flaring up again.

As for my eating habits, I realized a few things too. I have to have a plan and stick to it and I have to hold myself accountable for my food choices. I no longer have Deke to answer to when I make bad choices. I'm used to a routine and schedule when it comes to food so I'm sticking with it. If I give myself too many food choices I begin making bad decisions and picking the wrong things to eat. I have to set limits, boundaries and have structure to be successful at eating clean on a daily basis. That's what works for me otherwise I go overboard and binge. I found a great eating plan in FitnessRx magazine I think I can live by. I like the food options and the recipes are low carb, high in protein and allows cheat meals on the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday; one meal to eat whatever I want. Weekend days are good cheat days since my husband and I are usually home together. So, I feel good that I found something that will work. I don't have a nutritionist and I'm not to the point where I want to pay someone to plan meals for me so I have to stick to this. I have to regain focus and realize eating clean is a lifestyle and not just for pre-contest dieting. I made adjustments to my diet and started eating clean at the beginning of this year because I wanted to make sure I built adequate muscle. I can't continue to plummet and I have to be consistent with healthy food choices if I want to add muscle mass for my next competition. I just want to enjoy life and food too but in a healthy way. It must be a lifelong habit.

Tips for sustaining the clean eating way:
  1. Be responsible
  2. Hold yourself accountable for food choices
  3. Find support
  4. Keep a food journal
  5. Cope with stress positively
  6. Set limits and stick to them
  7. Make it a habit
  8. Be prepared
  9. Plan meals
  10. Weight train and do cardio

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fighting Cravings:(

It has not been easy fighting my post-competition cravings. I have given in most of the time. I guess you can say I have fallen off of the wagon. I've eaten clean throughout this entire year and began strict dieting at twelve outs from the competition. I guess I feel like I have thrown in the towel. I have overwhelming cravings for bread and sweets, after meals it is the worst and late night too, which is the worst time to eat unhealthy. It's been three weeks now and I was hoping I would have the cravings kicked by the end of the second week of post-competition. I told myself to get control and pull myself together. I can't continue to throw junk in my mouth and expect not to gain weight or inches. I am trying to find recipes of healthier versions of my favorite sweets, especially muffins and bread. I love Kristin's blog Eat Oxygen. She has really good recipes in single serving sizes. I tried new recipes almost everyday, her blog is full of great ones. I am sick and tired of binging and feeling like a glutton. I stay bloated because I over eat and eat things my body is not used to. I am beginning to think my body is rejecting the carbs I am feeding it. I feel like crap, my stomach hurts alot and I stay bloated and gassy. Sorry, just sharing. I am beginning to wonder if I have developed irritable bowel syndrome. Hhhhmmmm?? Don't know what else it could be. Anyway, I start the day off right but usually end up giving in to temptations around me. I've got to get my head back in a new frame of mind. I have worked too hard and I am damaging myself with my poor choices and unhealthy eating habits. Someone please kick me in the rear! I know putting on a little weight is okay considering I am trying to build muscle but I want it to be good weight not bad, fat weight. Well, tomorrow is a new day. I can start fresh and begin making better food choices. I know what I should and shouldn't be eating. I also know that for my size and height it takes 42 minutes to burn 300 calories...

On a lighter note, I am excited. I have won my first giveaway of diet soda made with stevia. Can't wait for them to arrive. I never win anything.

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