Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nutrition and Training Plan

I like options! There are so many resources available to help with dieting and training. This week I have come across some really good ones. Remember back when I first started this blog and I wrote about ordering a posing video from Julie Lohre, who lives here in KY, which helped me with quarter turns and technique? I met Mrs. Lohre at the competition and she was very nice and down to earth. She is so cute too! Taller than I expected. As I've been figuring out what works for me in off season dieting, trying to balance macros and searching the Internet for tips, clues and options, I thought of Julie and visited her site. It's funny how things work, when you need things the most, they always fall into place. I still feel a little overwhelmed sometimes trying to find an off season diet with a variety of foods that will work for me. I am told it becomes easier as time moves on. I love food so variety is important to me but maintaining my weight is important too. I feel like I've gained an inch around my waist already but that's where I store my fat. Anyway, I might have to adjust my foods a little and eat fewer carbs on certain days-a carb cycle diet might work best. I"ll figure it out. So, I was on Julie's website and she was running a good deal on a nutrition and training plan so I ordered it. Early Christmas present! I hope it's something I can use and learn by. This lady knows what she's doing. She's a pro and what works for her might work for me too! If I could look like her I'd be living a dream. Here's the link:


Erin Tales said...

I saw your competition photos! You do look great! Thanks for the link to her site. I got my shoes and now I need to figure out those turns.

Melissa Cunningham said...

lol! i remeber when i was prepping for my first NPC show i stocked up on julie Lohre posing DVD's!!! absolutly LOVE her!!! she(and a few others) were my main inspiration to step on the stage just 5 months after my 2nd baby!!
i know you will be amazed at what julies products/advice etc,can and will do!!!
i do hope you are able to find that balance of off seaosn meal planning-it IS hard to figure out,but once you get the hang of it,and find what works,it WILL get easier!! promise!!
just hang in there! :)

Krissa said...

I love Julie Lohre. She is super sweet. I wanted to be a part of her fitbody team but it is a bit out of my budget.

So you live here in KY too? I live in Elizabethtown. Know where that is?

Dana said...

Krissa, I live in Grayson. I know where Elizabethtown is. We just passed it on our way to Nashville, TN.

Katie said...

I'm sure it will be great if you ordered if from Julie. She was my gymnastics coach growing up and my cheerleading coach for a while. Your right she is very sweet and down to earth as well. I know some people who have trained with her and joined her team and they look amazing! Hopefully, I can budget her in one day!

Nickname unavailable said...

Hi Dana! I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the wonderful things that you said about me! I hope that your training is going well and that you are seeing incredible progress toward making your fitness dreams come true. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing! Hope to see you at the spring shows!


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