Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food: Friend or Foe

I am slowly getting back on track with eating healthier and making better food choices. Gosh, I indulged in so much sweet and white foods I've been experiencing sugar comas. Not good. My energy level is not what is was before I was eating tons of protein and veggies. I now realize how certain foods affect my mind and body. I really never paid attention to it before but I did without any variety of foods for so long. Since eating whatever I want I can tell a difference in how I feel. When I eat white foods, like bread or pasta, I get sluggish almost immediately afterwards. My eyelids literally shut themselves. Oh, and dairy has really done a number on my stomach and digestive system. I completely eliminated all dairy from my diet for my twelve weeks of precontest dieting. I regret doing so. We should never eliminate things our bodies need. I didn't have a glass of milk, bite of cheese, cup of yogurt and now I'm suffering from symptoms of irritable bowel. I would not recommend doing away with dairy completely. Drink a small glass of milk daily, eat a small piece of cheese or a little yogurt. Dairy helps good bacteria thrive in our intestines. After returning to normal eating and adding dairy back in my stomach isn't used to digesting these foods. After a while the digestive system stops producing lactase, which breaks down dairy. I did without for so long I think my body quit making it. After reading about my symptoms on the Internet, I spoke with a pharmacist who recommended adding Acidophilus to my diet to help build up the probiotic bacterias in my stomach needed to balance a healthy digestive tract. I've only been taking it for two days but I hope I see some relief in my discomfort. I've been bloated for weeks and my heartburn, which I had under control, is flaring up again.

As for my eating habits, I realized a few things too. I have to have a plan and stick to it and I have to hold myself accountable for my food choices. I no longer have Deke to answer to when I make bad choices. I'm used to a routine and schedule when it comes to food so I'm sticking with it. If I give myself too many food choices I begin making bad decisions and picking the wrong things to eat. I have to set limits, boundaries and have structure to be successful at eating clean on a daily basis. That's what works for me otherwise I go overboard and binge. I found a great eating plan in FitnessRx magazine I think I can live by. I like the food options and the recipes are low carb, high in protein and allows cheat meals on the weekends, both Saturday and Sunday; one meal to eat whatever I want. Weekend days are good cheat days since my husband and I are usually home together. So, I feel good that I found something that will work. I don't have a nutritionist and I'm not to the point where I want to pay someone to plan meals for me so I have to stick to this. I have to regain focus and realize eating clean is a lifestyle and not just for pre-contest dieting. I made adjustments to my diet and started eating clean at the beginning of this year because I wanted to make sure I built adequate muscle. I can't continue to plummet and I have to be consistent with healthy food choices if I want to add muscle mass for my next competition. I just want to enjoy life and food too but in a healthy way. It must be a lifelong habit.

Tips for sustaining the clean eating way:
  1. Be responsible
  2. Hold yourself accountable for food choices
  3. Find support
  4. Keep a food journal
  5. Cope with stress positively
  6. Set limits and stick to them
  7. Make it a habit
  8. Be prepared
  9. Plan meals
  10. Weight train and do cardio


Melissa Cunningham said...

love this post bc its sooo true!!
i do hope you find what works for you,and like so many of us who compete,a schedule and routine is almost necessary!!
it took me a while to figure out what worked for me-the first 2 shows i did,i ate everything in sight after the show and gained a lot of weight back-it took me so long to get back in track!!! now that i know what works for me,i only gain about 3-5lbs back after a show...
again,hope this new meal plan works for youand btw-sweet aphodolpholus works wonders (so i totally misspelled that!)

Dana said...

Thanks. Your awesome. I always feel better after your posts. It's nice knowing that you have experienced this to, that I'm not a complete failure or loser and I'm not alone in my struggle to find balance. I really appreciate your feedback.

Synaura said...

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