Friday, July 3, 2009

16 Weeks Out

A couple of days ago I met with Deke, whom I consult with about my workout program and diet. He has three years experience competing in Junior's Bodybuilding and provides me with tons of advice and encouragement as my training progresses. Deke's help is priceless considering that without him I would be doing this on my own. I couldn't imagine not having help. So we met and went over my goals for the month of July. I am now 16 weeks out. My weight lifting training and diet are both staying the same but I am increasing my cardio to four days per week using HIIT on an elliptical or bicycle. I should lose about 1 pound per week during this month and I'll start getting serious 12 weeks out.

Today I contacted a suit designer about making a posing suit for the show. I read that it's a good idea to order your suit no later than 12 weeks out from the show. The picture posted is one I really like. The designer suggested that I choose a purple fabric to complement my skin and hair color. I am still looking at different swatches and haven't made up my mind on a stone pattern either. It's a hard choice when there are so many different designs and colors. I'll decide in a few more days. I have included some links below for various designers. These are the ones I like best.

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