Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy 4th to everyone! Spent time tonight with family and ate like I wasn't dieting. Ha! I better while I still have the chance. No gym today. I rest on the weekends but missed Friday too. I prolonged working my shoulders this week because I was really sore after sleeping in some awkward position several nights ago. I kept cold packs on my left shoulder all week and had a little therapy done as well. I was really disappointed when I wasn't any better Friday, the day I planned to do my shoulder workout. Shoulders are probably my most favorite part to work. I did lift some very light weights at home though.

I ordered a posing video a few days ago so that I can begin posing. I have read that posing can make or break your stage presentation and I want to be ready when hundreds of people are watching me and the judges are right in front. I plan to start practicing as soon as it arrives. I am also shoe shopping and have a couple of styles picked out. No certain style is required but many competitors wear clear pageant shoes with a 4 or 5 inch heel. I don't walk very good in high heels so I'll probably go with the 4". Below are some links for shoes and posing videos.


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