Monday, September 7, 2009

7 Weeks to Go!

Happy Labor Day! Hope you get to take advantage of the holiday and have the day off. The first day of my seventh week out is almost over. Here I have some time before bed to blog though I am pretty tired. Just returned from the grocery store and packed everything away. Oh Yeah! My usual Saturday weigh in went well again. Down yet another pound...115! So I didn't have to make changes to my workout or cardio routine. Thank goodness. Still doing 5, 30 minute sessions per week. I am one pound from being the lightest I've ever been in a very long time, at least since before high school. Deke keeps reminding me, "Everything looks good for this week." "For this week." He keeps saying. Why? Because any day or week now I could plateau and have to keep a very close watch on my weight loss. If I am down half a pound by Wednesday of each week usually I stay in a good mood but that could quickly go the other way. If I see the scale come to a halt I will not be looking forward to finding out how much more cardio I'll have to do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm right on course with my diet which hasn't changed in four weeks and doing pretty good with resisting to cheat although today has been extremely hard. I have been so hungry and frustrated! I guess that's to be expected and I am definitely looking forward to breakfast in the morning. For now I'm sipping on green tea and hope I sleep well tonight despite my raging hunger.

Good night!


Cool Baby Kid said...

I can't believe you're 7 weeks out. SO jealous. I have until March/April (yet to pick a show) and wish mine was sooner. You're so right about eating out and having temptation all around you. Every single person at work today had the chicken lo mein (school food but still smelled yummy) and there I was with tuna from a can. YUCK. But we can do it!!

Love the new look. :)

Erin Tales said...

That was like when my hubby competed ... every week he was "good for that week". I was so frustrated to hear that .... because I wanted to hear he would rock on stage for sure!

Good luck!

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