Saturday, September 19, 2009

All About Change! 5 Weeks Out!

Here's Deke and me at the gym! Lots to talk about today! I am so excited and stoked after such a horrible week last week things are looking brighter and progress continues. Saturday weigh-in went really well. After one entire week of dealing with bloatedness and three pounds of water weight, the scale is back down and I managed to lose an extra pound by doing a little more intense cardio and added five minutes each day for an extra 35 minutes. I am now at 114 lbs. Woooohooooo!!!! I was so disappointed at the weight gain last week but had to wake up and realize my body was working naturally as women go through certain phases during the month. I had to keep encouraging myself and listening when people told me that I would get back down to normal weight in about a week. Thank goodness that all passed and now I can see physical proof of my weight loss. Not only is the scale down but I am beginning to lean out and becoming vascular (veins are popping out when I work out). My hard work is really paying off and seeing my body transform after all these weeks is amazing.

Ready to suit up? After the weigh in went well, I decided to try on my posing suit. Yeah!! My designer sent it to me for a fitting trial and I must say it's fantastic. The material is high quality, the color is awesome, the seam work is flawless and the fit is perfect. My designer was right on and she won't have to make any further alterations to my suit. I highly recommend ordering a suit from vandella costumes. I suited up and practiced some posing. I am beginning to look more natural now with my posing positions. Other than diet, it's been the hardest part to master. Start practicing early and don't forget the heels make it a little more challenging. I bought earrings the other day made of Austrian crystal. I chose them rather than rhinestone because my suit will be embellished with them and I didn't want to go overboard with stones. The ensemble looks great, my suit, shoes, earrings and bracelet. It's all falling into place and I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of training hard and getting leaner to get to the final results.

Deke made changes to my diet and cardio plans this meeting. I will be switching to an advanced rotation diet and adding an extra cardio session for 6 days of cardio for 30 minutes. I'm kind of nervous about the change because what I've been doing so far has worked but because my body is adapting to the diet I am on now I must change to continue losing the last few pounds, five more to go for a goal weight of 110 lbs. My energy level has been up this week which I think is a sign my body is used to this current diet. Remember, it's important to notice any changes these last few weeks in case changes need to be made. I will post my new diet soon.

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