Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Think I Can! I think I Can?

My husband and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and have plans to go out tomorrow for lunch or dinner. Going out to dinner is something I have definitely missed since stepping into this journey and knowing dieting would be the hardest part. It's habit now and I don't miss most food so much anymore. The smells at work while waiting tables sure does make it hard but I know I have the power of my own success or failure. And I won't be defeated! Although the garlic bread is awesome and one of my weaknesses, some how I have the strength to resist temptation.
Our drive to succeed is amazing. I have discovered a new sense about myself. That the will to be our best in this phase can lead us through our hunger and desires. It is somewhat a spiritual journey as we sacrifice daily norms for new, stricter habits. What I am having trouble grasping is the fact that all this hard work and preparation will come to an end and once competition is over what habits will return? I am thinking now about my eating habits when this show is over. What will happen next? What old habits might return? Will I be as dedicated to training hard and building a better physique? I love working out but being in the gym five days a week sometimes twice in one day seems unrealistic to continue when competition is over. But it's what is required of me now and I love it. I probably won't be as rigid with my program. I'm sure I will loosen the reigns a little but I will maintain the physique I gain. I will have cheat meals and I will probably miss some days of working out in the gym but my days of keeping of lean, hard physique are here to stay! Can self-reliance always get us through? We have to remember the ones supporting us and encouraging us. The ones who listen to our moans and groans and tiny complaints. The ones who help lift us up when we are down. Our achievements need to exist without vanity or selfishness and we need to appreciate the ones who stay by our sides through it all. I know I can count on my husband to always be there! I know I can rely on him when self-reliance loses its steam and I need to be tugged along.

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