Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dieting and Workout Struggles

Today's workout was really disappointing. My new diet, high in protein and veggies and a very low carb intake definitely affected my endurance and strength today. Deke said that was to be expected and normal due to the type of diet. I don't mind functioning on so little food but when it affects my weight training, it really affects my mood. I work and train hard, do as much weight as possible, always try beat my number of reps and always finish my sets. Today, I had to have help finishing the last two reps on set two and three of my chest routine. Mrs. Independent that I am, took an ego hit because I lacked the strength to get a good pump on those last two reps. If the diet continues affecting my workout I'll have to change my routine somewhat. Volume of training will decrease but not weight. Lifting heavy is what helps muscle break down and grow. I am working on posing tonight too. I don't like posing at home, the lighting is awful and it doesn't make me look very well. The lighting makes me look pale and my muscles look flat but that could also be because I am carb depleted to night too. Nonetheless, I am giving it my best shot at posing practice. I'm finally getting used to the 5" heels.

My new diet which I started Saturday is a rotational diet. Monday and Thursday are the low carb/ moderate calories/ carb meal days. Tuesday and Friday are low carb and low calorie. Wednesday-Saturday-Sunday are moderate carbs/ moderate calorie days. My supplementation has not changed since about seven weeks ago accept that I will start taking amino acids before cardio first thing in the morning. I have about three more hard weeks of training left before the competition weekend because the final week we won't be doing much as far as weight training. The main focus will be dieting, water and sodium depletion. I have no idea how any of that works. It will be more of those learn it as you go moments with Deke instructing me on what to do. I'll let you know more about that phase later.

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