Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Month Away!

It's really hard to imagine my competition is one month away from today. We all know how a month can fly by and I'm feeling nervous today. I had another hard workout, though not as bad as yesterday. Today was arm day and I failed to complete my total number of reps with some exercises. I usually try to meet or beat the numbers from the week before. Tried increasing weight on tricep extensions but I couldn't handle it so I backed down to my current weight and tried not to feel defeated. The lack of calories this week sucks. I haven't really felt tired or hungry just a little fatigued by the end of my weight training. My morning cardio workout is going pretty well. I have the stamina and strength to do my 35 minutes and sometimes do a few minutes more. I'm keeping track of how I feel after every workout so that adequate adjustments can be made next week if needed. I will probably add an extra weight training session on the weekends if I don't get good workouts through the week. I'm scared about losing muscle mass. I don't have a whole lot of size on me but you don't have to be big for figure but I do want the slight degree of muscularity and definition the judges are looking for. I don't care about winning but I'd rather not end up at the bottom either. I don't want to set my expectations too high. I like to stay grounded and enjoy the experience. I need to stay focused and not worry so much at this point. Still four weeks to go and alot of work ahead of me. It's raining outside, kind of matches my gloomy mood. I need a rainbow and clear, sunny skies or maybe a vacation to the Caribbean. Ha!


Angela said...

Hey! Glad you found my blog :)

How are you feeling? 3 weeks out!!!

Anonymous said...

More on figure competition

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