Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coasting Along

Saturday weight went well...LOST ANOTHER 116 now. Since the diet and cardio are working I won't have to change anything for the upcoming week. Woohoo!! No extra cardio right now and I will continue to follow the same diet.

I decided to get a second pair of shoes. The company I originally ordered my shoes from has been very slow in processing my return/exchange for a different size. I ordered the shoes three weeks ago, sent them back the day after I received them and they still haven't sent me any shoes. There is no 800 number to call. You can only contact them through email and they don't respond for several days. I sent them an ugly email letting them know I was very unsatisfied and that they need to cancel my order and refund my money. I'm not one to complain but I am very unhappy with their way of doing business. I am excited about my new shoes. Bought them at a bridal shop today and practiced in them most of the evening. Even wore them while making dinner.
Have you ever done plyometrics? I just started incorporating them into my workouts. I need more development in my quads and hamstrings and a trainer suggested I do a plyo workout to increase muscle growth. I do squat jumps, knee lifts to the front and side, and exercises to work my thigh muscles. I hope to see improvement as I do these. Doing plyometrics is fun and is good cardio to because you don't rest very long in between each exercise. You can read more about the workout here:

I do five exercises for 10 reps and 3 sets. The first time I did these I got pretty tired and sweaty. It is high intensity and great for muscle growth.
A friend of mine asked me for a turkey meatloaf recipe I use. This is for you Whitney. Stay motivated and eat clean. You'll reach your goal!
1 pound lean ground turkey
2 egg whites
1/2 cup oatmeal
chopped onion and green pepper
no salt added tomato sauce
parsley, oregano, basil, garlic, black pepper-how ever much you like
Form into loaf and place in coated pan, topped with tomato sauce and bake at 425 degrees until fully cooked.


Erin Tales said...

Buying shoes at a bridal shop! Ingenious! I never thought of that. Now I have to look!

You have to tell me where NOT to buy shoes from. Did you use PayPal by chance, because you can refute using PayPal? I had to do that with something I bought recently.

Dana said...

The company is totally necessary and I didn't use PayPal. I've asked for them to credit my charge account.

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