Tuesday, August 4, 2009

12 Weeks Out

Back from vacation! It was awesome but it definitely went by too fast. Doesn't it always. So my return means I begin a pretty strict diet and up my supplement intake. I am following the diet previously posted with no snacking in between which I find to be very hard. Just sticking to eating scheduled meals and protein shakes will be a struggle but I am prepared. I went grocery shopping and stocked up on my major food items: chicken, turkey, steak, tons of vegetables, diet drinks, lots of water and sugar free jello. I've been really nervous all week about starting this strict diet and worrying about how my mood will be as time moves on. I am going to miss cereal, ice cream, granola bars, Mexican food, and hamburgers the most. I can smell them right now.

Tonight's dinner is cod, stir-fry veggies and a small salad. No dessert or sweets which I tend to look forward to after dinner. This week I have been imagining if all this is really possible. I am too far in the game to think otherwise. Ha! Can't turn back now. Apart from limited carbohydrates and fewer calories I am taking a fat metabolizer and fat reducer to speed up weight loss for the competition. I am at 121 lbs. today and plan to lose up to ten pounds to meet my body fat percent rate of about 10%. Skin and muscle is all I'll be by the end of this 12 week prep period.

So, what keeps me motivated. All the support and encouragement I get from friends, family, and gym goers. And most importantly, the support and help I get from my husband who has to put up with my whining. I could not do this without him and I know he'll be there by my side when the going gets tough. Also, I have pictures hanging on the refrigerator and keep my Oxygen magazines close by. I love Oxygen Mag. Its always filled with good advice, diet tips, recipes, new workout moves and the latest trends in fitness. I google and search the net for videos and articles. You Tube has alot of videos on fitness and figure competitors share their experiences as they prepare for shows. Made Fit TV and Jennifer Nicole Lee with BSN are ones I like to watch. I also read Beverly Int. Newsletters and have a binder with articles of stories of women who have competed before. They are a huge help in keeping me on track and set me straight, mentally too. I visit websites of Pro Figure Competitors and save them as favs and I read about different supplements and whats new to the market. There is alot to keep up with and I have been preparing for months but nothing describes how anxious I feel right now. I can only continue on this same path and feel inspired to keep on going when I look ahead and think about what I will have accomplished when this story as come to an end. I leave you with that.

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