Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who's In The Spotlight?

Girls, we will be!!!
Not only do I have to practice the mandatory poses but I also have to kind of choreograph my walk for the night show presentation. This is our moment on stage to shine and we can add bends, bows, waves and a little flare to show off some personality for the judges and audience.

Here is my plan, since I don't have much help with this part. I am watching You Tube figure walk videos, printing out pictures from the computer, looking in magazines and practicing what I like in the mirror. I'm planning on taking them to the gym since there is plenty of room to walk and use the pictures to experiment with what works best
with the way my body moves. This is where modeling experience would come in handy. I have no clue what I'll end up putting together but I want to make sure my movements are fluid and I'm smiling the whole way through.
The diet, the cardio, the supplements-I have all these figured out-the posing is causing me anxiety now. I have to remember I still have eight weeks to practice. Plenty of time right? I read that at six to eight weeks out posing practice should be done at least 4 to 6 times a week. I'd better get busy. Ha! When am I not?


Erin Tales said...

Will you be putting up some videos of your practice? I am totally curious. I am so stunted with my movements. And walking - well I need to get shoes first. LOL. I need to do a lot of things first, though, like get in proper condition!

Dana said...

I'd love to incorporate video into my blog but not sure how. I tried uploading one from my computer but it took forever so I cancelled it. I think taking photos and videoing helps when it's time to critique movements. I literally take notes on what I want to work on feet position, hands, finger positioning. I want to look polished. Stand in front of the mirror and pose every chance you get. You'll discover something new each time. It's hard. You'll get it.

Erin Tales said...

Slow upload. Eek. No advice then. Darn it. Wish I could see you in action!

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