Monday, October 19, 2009

The Clock Is Ticking

Yet another Monday gone by. It didn't feel like a Monday, more like mid-week, like a Wednesday. Today was a pretty decent day. I was mello throughout the day, sipped on my water and didn't struggle too much with hunger. It seems though that everywhere I am the smell of food is overwhelming. I am really sensitive to food smells and my senses are heightened at the sight of a cheeseburger or something sweet. I was in the grocery store and found myself gawking over everything. I kept thinking, "that ciabatta roll looks good" or "yum, chocolate cake with vanilla icing." All of it was catching my eye. I was driving past Burger King and the charbroiled smell of the grill hit me like a tidal wave.

I ate a good dinner though, it satisfied me anyway. I grilled turkey breast and asparagus and heated some collard greens because you know I'm a southern gal! My husband enjoyed his with baked beans hot out of the oven. I worked shoulders and abs at the gym today and did 35 minutes of cardio this morning. Only two days left of training and I'm stoked to be getting a break especially since I'm running on low food fuel. Thursday, I'll be carbing up and Friday carbing down. During show day Saturday I'll munch on rice cakes and organic, sodium free peanut butter. I love peanut butter and can't wait.

Today I am excited. This evening I tried on my suit and it still fits perfectly. Actually I have toned down my tush and it looks firm. I was really worried about it being jiggly. I tried on my jewelry and lipstick (the color really brings out the green in my eyes). It is a shade of a dark red, wine. I worried that it would be too dark but I think it'll work. I spent about 30 minutes practicing my poses. I think I'm getting more comfortable at it but it is still hard to hold the poses when your weak and tired by the end of the night.

It's after midnight, gotta catch some zzzzz's.


Genie said...

Hey Dana!! Almost show time! WOO HOO!!! What height class are you competing in? I emailed the promoter, and it's looking like 6 ladies per class. I have not decided if that is a relief or cause for more tension. My first Figure comp had a huge class, and it was kind of nice to get lost in the mix. It's not too stressful that way! :)

Looking forward to meeting you!!! YAY!!!

Dana said...

Hey! I'm really glad it's almost time. This week has been crazy with errand running. I agree six doesn't seem like very much. Yes, it is a little nerve racking to know there are only a few of us. This being my first time, I would like to get lost in the mix too. We are on the same brainwave. Ha! I am 5'3. I guessed by your pictures your are near my height or shorter. Will we be on stage together? Being with someone who has done this before would make it a little easier.

Genie said...

Hi Dana! I'm about 5'6". I don't know if I will be in Class C or D. It will depend on where I measure that day! LOL!

You will do great! You already look fabulous, so no worries there, okay? Seriously, you look amazing!!

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