Friday, October 16, 2009

Peak Week!

Okay, so finally Deke and I had our meeting about peak week preparation and readiness. The meeting lasted about an hour so we were thorough in our discussion. I asked lots of questions and Deke had lots of answers. He REALLY knows what the sport is all about and he continues to impress me with his depth of knowledge about the figure/bodybuilding world. I told him if he didn't have such a positive attitude and such a willingness to help I don't know if I would have even remotely considered stepping into this kind of lifestyle. He is definitely an inspiration to me.

For the next seven days I will be doing several things to get me stage ready. Sunday and Monday I'll do normal weight training, no HITT, just my typical weight for three sets; 30-40 minutes of cardio. My diet will be low calorie and low carbohydrates and I will sip all day only taking in one gallon of water both days. Tuesday and Wednesday, training normal, cardio the same, diet low calorie/low carb and sipping down two gallons on both days. Thursday I will not lift or do cardio, drink one gallon of water and have my carb load meal. Friday, no training or cardio, drink one-half gallon of water by 6:00 and eat half the portion of my carb load meal. Show day I will sip on tiny bits of water and snack on rice cakes and peanut butter before pre-judging. OMG!! I can't believe it's almost showtime. Reality hasn't really sunk in but I'm excited. I am ready and know I have put my whole heart into preparing for this monumental moment. The most important thing now is to focus and take things one day at a time not forgetting to have fun and enjoy the thrill ride. It's like a roller coaster ride, baby!!

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