Saturday, October 17, 2009

We all possess the thunder of pure fury and the calm breeze of tranquility. If it wasn't for tomorrow, how much would we get done today? Whatever your purpose... embrace it completely. Get lost in the clouds every now and then so you never lose sight of God's wonder. ~Paul Vitale

I am really wigging out today and feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I have sooooo much to do over the weekend and all of this coming week with peak week. Right now I just finished some of my homework for an education class I'm taking this semester. Not done though. I have to write and type up a lesson plan to teach Tuesday. I have to continue shopping for things for the weekend. I feel like I'll have to start packing the first of the week so as I think of things I may need I can run out and get them. I am all about being prepared and I want to have everything I need to carry with me for the weekend. I am going to an unfamiliar town and don't want to be left in a bind when I get there.

I weighed in yesterday evening at 112lbs. I have dropped two pounds and didn't even know it. I have been weighing each morning before cardio but usually have on 2-3 pounds of clothing so I thought I was still around 114lb, where I plateaued for about three weeks. I finally hammered away that rock. I knew if I didn't worry about losing the last few pounds I might eventually breakthrough. I decided not to worry if I lost anymore because I am fairly lean. I am happy though that I have broken through to the lowest weight I have ever been. I plan on getting my body fat measured this week. I'm curious where I am at now. Two weeks ago I was about 11%.

I'm printing out a log right now to help me organize my things to do and keep me on track with day to day training, diet, water manipulation, etc. I think this will help calm my nerves, getting all my thoughts down on paper. Organization is key this week! Wish me luck.

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