Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tweaking Side Poses

Alarm clock went off at 6:15 am this morning. I was not ready to get out of bed. Last night I took a natural sleep aid because I have been feeling a little anxiety and nervousness. I wanted to get a good nights sleep. I finally woke up about an hour later, fixed a little bit of coffee to kickstart me, changed into workout clothes to get a good sweat during cardio (sweat pants, t-shirt, hoodie). I headed to the gym and weighed, just slightly under 114lbs. I may break my plateau by the end of the week. We'll see! Not going to let it get me down if I don't lose a couple more pounds, pictures show how lean I am. At the gym I climbed on the elliptical with intentions of staying on for 20 minutes but I just didn't have the energy for it. So I warmed up on it for about 5 minutes and jumped on the treadmill. Set incline really high and speed around 45. After 10-15 minutes at incline, I dropped it down and ran intervals. On days when I'm feeling fatigued, intervals seem to give the best results. I spent about 15 more minutes doing them. Took more photos last night in really good lighting. I am happy with the way I am besides losing 1 or 2 more pounds won't make a lot of difference. Deke changed my training style and I am now using HITT because my strength suffers by the end of my weight lifting routine. I tried it for the first time yesterday on legs. I think it will be very effective as I try to maintain muscle mass the next couple of weeks. I am in maintenance mode now, not worried about gaining muscle size right now due to lack of food and calories. It takes fuel to grow muscles and right now I'm not taking in very much.

The picture above is the new Ms. Olympia 2009 Nicole Wilkins. I think she looks great, very natural, not too put together and looks very relaxed.

I've been on the computer checking out You Tube footage of competitions and posing. I have printed out several pictures of side poses because this is the one that seems to be giving me the most trouble. This I think is my weakest pose so I am going to work hard on correcting it. Wish me luck! Posing is really important. I want the judges to see that I know what I am doing, that I've done my research.


Angela said...

She is too cute!!

I wouldn't get down about the # on the scale...even though that is what we always live for....LOL!

You sound like you are doing great! You are almost there! Keep it up!

Genie said...

This is the hardest pose for me, too. I always look like I'm trying so dang hard. LOL!! I actually have this pic printed out for easy reference... I might just tape it to my mirror! :-D

Best of luck busting past that plateau!

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