Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day One of Peak Week

I worked a double shift again today. I hate doubles because I feel like the world outside is nonexistence and like my day is wasted. Today certainly was, business was slow and tips were not good. It wasn't worth working all day for, that's certain. I started my water manipulation today by drinking one gallon. I sipped it slowly early in the day and tried to estimate how much I needed to drink every hour for a twelve hour day, about 1 and one-third cups. That really didn't work because from 9 to 12 I really didn't have much time to remember to take sips during the lunch rush. By 3:00 I had about half the gallon left. I drank most of what was left of the gallon during evening shift and saved some for home. It's 11:40 and I have about a cup left to drink. It's harder rationing than I imagined. Before, I could drink as much as I wanted to stay full and curb my appetite but today hunger set in a few times. I am on a low calorie, low carb diet and not having sufficient amounts of water to fill me up is making me think more about food. Especially now since I know my water intake is almost gone for the night. Dry mouth is setting in and I can't look forward to quenching my thirst. Gum is a life savor though, it has helped keep my mouth moist and my stomach less hungry.

I am going to try to make a post each day as peak week progresses and post some new pictures of where I am with my physique. Today, I had to hit the gym when I had my break in between shifts at work. It was imperative to work legs today so that the water I tend to hold will have time to draw out. I did what I could in an hour, went home to relax for a few minutes before heading back to work and finished my leg exercises at home. I have to work the rest of my body parts each before Thursday because Wednesday is my last training day. I am training with weights a little lighter than my current weight to avoid fatigue because I am functioning on such a small amount of calories.

Breakfast went quickly, 3 egg whites, 4 oz. of chicken breast, and 1/2 grapefruit. I hardly remember eating it. For lunch I baked a chicken breast and ate it on top of a fresh romaine salad with red wine vinegar dressing. My late afternoon snack was 2 scoops of chocolate protein shake and for dinner I roasted some tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and green peppers while still at work. When I got at home I ate a small lemon pepper boneless pork chop.
I will stay on this diet until Thursday evening, then I have my carb load meal.

It's getting late. I have several more things to do before going to bed. Good night!


Melissa Cunningham said...

just now catching up on blogs! sounds like the plan for peak week is coming along well!! just try to stay positive this week!!! even though your body may not feel very happy with you righht now due to lower calories/carbs/water, sheer excitement and fear will push you through the week!! lol!
just keep on keeping on,and stick to the plan-no matter how bad you crave everything your body doesnt need!!! and OH be sure to talk to your trainer about post show meals....very important!!
hang in there!!almost there! 5 days! you got this!!!

Dana said...

Thanks Melissa. I really appreciate your help and advice. It means alot to me especially knowing that you're experienced and know what I'm going through.

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